Rats, Mice, And A Bit Of Advice.

Rats are like a bad roommate:
They don’t pay the bills,
They leave a mess,
& they eat all of your food.

The Game Plan

Inspection   I search your property both
outside and inside to find entry points,
travel lines, and nesting areas.

Elimination   Trapping is always the first
choice and snap traps are my preference. I
use sticky traps but, generally I prefer not to.
They tend to catch more dust bunnies than
actual rodents and they are kind of cruel.
Baiting can be effective and sometimes
quicker but, trapping should be the starting

Monitoring   After you and I feel confident
the problem has been eradicated, I monitor
the area for further activity.

Rodent Proofing   I then seal all points
of entry and any possible future points of

Clean up   Rodent droppings can be some
nasty stuff and should be dealt with in a
cautious manner. Although the chances of
exposure to the Hantavirus are slim, there
are other diseases to be aware of.
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A Bit of Advice

If money is tight but you can invest some
time, I can lead you through the Rodent
proofing and Clean up phases. Saving you
quite a bit of money.

Expanding foam is not an effective form
of rodent proofing. Imagine chewing
through a wall of popcorn and you get the
idea. A rats teeth are actually harder than
iron. Steel wool is an effective rat or mouse
deterrent but, not a solution. Steel wool on
the exterior of a building can breakdown in
as early as 4 months and leaves rust stains
on the area.

Just because you don’t leave food out,
doesn’t mean you won’t get rats and mice.
Most of the time they are just looking for a
nice place to live.

Sonic Mice Repellers

Sonic mice, rat, and pest repellers are cute;
they make me laugh every time I see one.

''The E.P.A. has never found any credible
evidence to support claims that electronic, electromagnetic or ultrasonic repellent
devices work,'' Mr. Walker said. The agency
(E.P.A) spent $250,000 on tests and found
that animals and insects acclimated quickly
to the devices or ignored them. Mr. Walker
said the agency had sued 15 manufacturers.
Some of the companies faded away; most
settled by paying fines of $2,500 to $5,000,
agreeing to stop producing the devices and
admitting that they did not work.”

What to Expect of 'Miracle' Gadgets
Published: February 4, 1989

Just because you have a cat doesn’t mean
you won’t get mice or rats. Some cats are
great mousers. Some are not.

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