“No one has ever made it
on 40 hours a week”

J.W. Marriot
Founder of Marriot Hotels


Business owners are a breed of people that
do not necessarily look forward to 12 to 18
hour workday but, recognize that if that’s
what it takes, than that’s what it takes. If
a problem arises, you need a solution not
a phone tree. A one call solution.


When taking care of your business I always
keep you in mind, this is your livelihood,
how you put your kids through school, how
you pay your mortgage, how you maintain
and retain your reputation. I may not be
the biggest kid on the block but, because
of this I can maneuver and adapt to any
special needs your business may need.

"Big enough to get the job done,
  small enough to care."


Communicating with your entire staff-the
dish washer is usually the first person to
know if there is a pest problem.
Monthly Pest Reports e-mailed
directly to you.

Highlighting areas of concern that may
need attention currently or in the future
and problems that may have occurred
and the solution applied to solve the
problem. These can also be e-mailed
to your manager if you decide.
Billing the way you want it.
My billing is handled by a C.P.A. and
certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

Property Mangement

Working directly with management or
in conjunction with management and

A well maintained building.
Regular pest inspections are a great way to
know what’s going on in your building.
What you don’t know can hurt you. Service
reports detailing pest related and
maintenance issues.


Each year Dan the Bug Man Inc. donates
services to 3 non-profit organizations.


It’s just good business.
Please let me know if you would like to