Bernie’s: A Local Coffee Shop
The Green Bean of Noe Valley

A Local Story

Bernie has put in thousands and thousands
of hours behind the counter as an employee
and manager for some of the “Big Guys."
During that time she saw what worked and
what didn’t. One of the things she knew
didn’t work was paying someone to spray
and place pesticides in the shop. “A guy
would come in month after month, spray
some stuff around the walls, put out some
mouse poison and month after month we
would still see critters running around."

So when Bernie started her coffee shop
she knew she didn’t want to go down that
never ending road but, she also knew her
location had some issues that needed to
be taken care of. Her long time friend and
business owner, Mike of Grand Leader
Market, recommended me to her. I then
introduced Bernie to I.P.M.

What is I.P.M.?

This is how the E.P.A. sums it up:

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is
an effective and environmentally
sensitive approach to pest management
that relies on a combination of common-
sense practices.

What We Did   

This is how we applied it
to Bernie’s
Door sweeps to prevent rodents from
coming underneath the door. Seal around
pipes with caulk and hardware mesh.
Exterior Treatment  
4 thumb size reusable ant bait stations.
Interior Treatment
Eco-Exempt IC, pheromone traps, and
monitors. Also, teaching the staff an old
chef’s trick; clean as you go.

For example after receiving the day’s
pastry order, place pastries in display case,
wipe down area, and put the empty pastry
box in the outside recyclables/trash area.

Is IPM the new green way of
Pest Control?

No, it’s the old tried and true way that
just happens to be green. Unfortunately,
it’s far more profitable to send a technician
out for 15 minutes, use a little insecticide, a
little rodenticide, and get off to the next job.

When the proper way is the way my first
boss taught me, take the time to go out in
the field, teach the technician what to look
for, and resolve the problem once and for all.

Now, this requires pulling out refrigerators
from the wall, climbing through shrubs,
spider webs, over and under fences, and any
other obstacle that may get your uniform

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