The Truth
About Bugs.

Indepth Info on Ants,
Spiders, Roaches, and Bedbugs.


If you’re getting ants in your home the
reason usually is a result of extremes in
weather conditions. In the Bay Area most
ant nests are located 1-2 inches below
ground. Rain or hot and cold temperatures
can force them into a more suitable
environment, your home. If you have the
time, I highly recommend you give this
page a look. 

Inspection   I then inspect the outside of
your home to find out how the ants are
getting into your home.

Treatment   I then treat the exterior of your
Home. I can either use an ant baiting method
or an EcoEXEMPT®IC 2 application. I can
give you the pros and cons of both and let you
decide which you prefer.


The key to getting rid of any pest is to remove
their access to a food source. By continually
sweeping away a spider webs, you have
eliminated the spiders ability to feed and soon
enough the spider.


Even the cleanest homes can get roaches. One
roach with an egg sac can contain from about
20 to 50 eggs. If one were to get into your home
the numbers can quickly escalate. Don’t let this
go for too long! A simple roach pheromone trap
behind the refrigerator and underneath the
kitchen sink is always a good way to trap a roach
that may hitchhike it’s way into your home. As
far control, I can offer you bait treatment or a
spray treatment. “Fogging” or “Bombing” is
something I don’t recommend, it may kill a lot
of roaches but it will force the living roaches
into adjoining rooms and appliances.


Do not try to eliminate these guys yourself.
New methods and information for
management and treatment of Bed Bugs is constantly emerging. For example, it was
believed that a bed bug could survive without feeding for around 6 months. We now know
that they can survive for almost a year without
feeding. I recommend you taking a look at
these sites and then calling me.

Bedbug Links   
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